What is it about airports?

12th July: As the school holidays approach thousands of people across Wiltshire will likely be getting ready to jet off somewhere nice and sunny.

But have you noticed that thing about airports?

You know the thing. The one where you seem to undergo a radical change as soon as you enter the building? That one where behaviour considered unacceptable outside the walls of the airport suddenly becomes OK when you walk through those sliding doors?

I'm talking about the stuff you do in the departure lounge. The stuff you do, or buy, or whatever.

For Jez, it's the bar. Despite being quite into his health and fitness at the moment and only enjoying a cheeky pint on the odd Friday night, as soon as he enters the airport he makes a beeline for the bar - even if it's only 8 o'clock in the morning!

For me, it's all about the random impulse buys. Last time I was at Gatwick I "invested" in a bumper pack of 6 travel adaptor plugs. I didn't even need a travel adaptor plug - I had one in my bag all along.

Sophie is the same when it comes to losing all sense of rationality when she enters an airport. She tweeted us (we're @HeartWilts if you want to follow us) saying she always goes straight to Tie Rack in the departure lounge and buys a load of scarves - despite not being that bothered about wearing them! 

And our very own Producer Adrian does something pretty similar - here's an intriguing insight into what goes on inside his head at the airport...

Inside Producer Adrian's head in airports

Are we alone with this? What random stuff do you find yourself doing at an airport that you wouldn't do anywhere else?