What is it about holidays?

30th July: What is it about holidays and food? I'm sure it's a scientific fact that when you go on holiday your stomach knows and so expands in readiness.

It seems to be a holiday rule that while away, you're able to fit in at least three times the amount of food you'd usually consume. Or is it just me?

I'd never usually eat a breakfast of bacon and eggs, followed by a mid-morning ice-cream, followed by a pasty for lunch, followed by more ice-cream, followed by a massive barbecue of burgers and sausages and enough coleslaw to fill an entire army. But, on holiday, I managed it no problem.

Is it an unwritten law that when you go away you throw caution to the wind when it comes to food, stuffing your face (and loving it) at every opportunity? If so, then I love that law.

But now we're back to work and I need to keep reminding my stomach not to expect the quantities of food it's got used to.

Wish me luck.