What's your ultimate anecdote?

23rd May: With the Olympic flame passing through Wiltshire over the last couple of days, it's got me a little bit jealous.

I'm ashamed to admit it: I have anecdote envy.

Watching all the Olympic torch bearers running through Wiltshire yesterday and today, something dawned on me. These people will have a story to dine out on forever more. I mean, "I carried the Olympic flame" has to be the ultimate anecdote doesn't it?!

My own best boast doesn't come close. In my days as a reporter for a radio station I once interviewed David Cameron. But that was before he was Prime Minister... And then, last year, I interviewed Mr Tumble for a magazine feature. In fact, I alter my anecdote depending on the company I'm in. If it's a grownup dinner party then I plump for the David Cameron story, if it's the local baby and toddler group I go for Mr Tumble.

Jez's ultimate anecdote is pretty impressive. He used to own a plane. (I know *switswoo*, right?) On further investigation, however, he admits he didn't actually own the plane. He owned part of the plane. It was shared amongst six other people. Still a pretty cool story though.

Kate has top-trumped both Jez and I though. Her story is an amazing one. Have a listen to this and hear how a simple drink in a bar led to a bit of a career turn...

Kate becomes the face of... vodka?!

So can you beat Kate's ultimate anecdote? Go on... make me jealous.