Meet Stuart Elmore

What do you need to know about Stuart?

Place of birth: Northamptonshire

Dream job? Actor

The worst job I’ve ever had …Serving ice-cream in a dog costume

My best on-air moment …An interview with 'Rooster'

My worst on-air moment …Sleeping in a haunted shop

My best non-radio related moment …A skiing holiday with my granddad

My worst non -radio related moment …Dislocating my knee

The best part of my job is …free things

The worst part of my job is …That it's in my brain 24/7

Favourite song …'Rocket Man' Elton John

Favourtie film ...'The Dark Knight'

One thing that I couldn’t live without …Girls and broadband

The best bit of advice my mother gave me …”Whatever anyone else thinks about me is none of my business”