Unleash your inner detective with this gripping new crime drama on Sky Living starting at 9pm on Tuesday 24th November

When a bomb scare shuts down New York’s Time Square in the enthralling opener to the series, no one is expecting a naked woman, covered in tattoos to crawl out of a duffle bag!

sky livingNamed ‘Jane Doe’ she has no idea who she is, where she’s come from or why she’s got the name of a talented FBI agent tattooed across her back.

We promise you’ll be gripped from the start with this mysterious crime drama, which follows a crack team on a mission to decode Jane’s tattoos.

Some of them solve crimes, while others hint at crimes that haven’t even happened yet! All the while Jane is searching for her place in the world and trying to find the people who have wiped her memories.

Starring ‘Thor’ actress Jamie Alexander, this is one not too be missed!

Blindspot starts at 9pm on Tuesday 24th November.

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