Heart’s Happy Summer Days with Boots!

1 August 2017, 07:17

Heart's Happy Summer Days

It was a BIG final day!

Heart's Happy Summer Days with Boots has come to an end but we went BIG to celebrate with 3 £10,000 winners on Friday.

At 11am, Samantha Spencer got through to speak to Toby. She'd entered every day and is heading off to Tenerife on Sunday. She'll be flying off with a spring in her step as she became our first £10,000 winner of the day. 

As we approached what we thought would be the final round of the day, Rachel Lilley got through to speak to Matt at 2pm. It was the first time she'd text in to play, and she was glad she did. She won £10,000 and will be spending the money on a holiday in Lanzarote (she's just come back from a rainy camping holiday)!

Then Matt surprised us all with a special BONUS ROUND! Danielle Donohoe had never won anything before until she entered for our final round of Heart's Happy Summer Days. She was our final £10,000 winner and will be taking her son, Dylan, who's 4 to Disneyland Paris and treating herself to a new car.

Thanks for playing Heart's Happy Summer Days with Boots over the last few months, it's been great! We'll have more chances to win BIG, very soon.



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