Win A £1,000 Voucher For Your Summer Holiday

This summer, you could really clean up with Kleenex and win a £1,000 Travel By Inspire voucher towards a customised holiday


Where's your Kleenex when you need it this summer?

From sun lotion leaks to ice cream on kids' faces, sand mess to grazed knees - let's face it, the summer can throw a lot of spills and thrills your way.

So always have your Kleenex handy to keep cool, calm and in control this summer.

And if you enter our competition to win a £1,000 Travel By Inspire voucher, you could be taking your Kleenex® on holiday with you. The winner will be able to choose their own customised holiday from a variety of different accommodation types, package holidays and flights with over 250 travel partners.

Just answer the question below and send in your details to get in the draw.
Entries close at 23.59 on Sunday 13th July

Kleenex, for all your Summer Thrills & Spills
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