Who's On Heart? We Have A £100,000 WINNER!

WE’VE GOT A WHO’S ON HEART WINNER! Aaron Cooper has scooped the £100,000 prize!


The game is OVER! And a huge congratulations goes to Aaron Cooper who guessed the third celebrity correctly and has won our whopping £100,000 prize!

That's right, it's Heather Small!

The BRAND NEW  guess comes after a series of clues were dropped this week. We previously revealed that the final secret celebrity was female, saying the word 'On', British AND a singer, who was on Strictly Come Dancing. 

Now that Aaron's got his hands on some extra cash, he wants to take his two young children on a once in a life-time trip to Disney World! Congratulations!

Listen to the moment Aaron won £100,000.

And hear Heather Small HERSELF chat to Matt Wilkinson right here!


And here's Aaron in Maccy D's carpark with his burger just moment before his won that life-changing amount with his tasty quarter-pounder. 

Of course when he got through to Who's on Heart and gave Matt Wilkinson that winning name, the meal went cold. 

We suggest he gets it bronzed and sticks it on the mantlepiece as a memento! 

Who's on Heart winner with his burger £100,000

Read some of the lovely congratulatory tweets:


As for the second winner, that was Sophie. She correctly guessed a second celebrity name and bagged herself £20,000!

After much anticipation we can reveal the winning name was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg!

Now she's won herself some extra cash, Sophie wants to use some of her winnings to pay off her student loan and book a trip to Orlando, Florida!

Listen to the moment Sophie won...

Sophie's win comes after Leticia correctly guessed the first secret celebrity and scooped up a prize of £10,000!

Listen back to the moment Leticia won £10,000 below...

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