Children's Hospice South West - Carer's Story

Children's Hospice South West Jean Noall


Children's Hospice South West provides hospice care to life-limited children and their families from across the South West; from South Gloucester, Bristol, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, and the Isles of Scilly.

Some families may use the hospice for many years, from the time the child is first diagnosed as having an incurable condition which will mean they will die in childhood. 

The whole family can stay at our hospices, and with a dedicated sibling support service available, this means that the well brothers and sisters can be cared for during their visit and enjoy spending time with other children in similar situations to their own. 

Carers provide 24/7 care during the time the child is at the hospice and are also at the end of a phone should the families encounter any problems with care when the family are either out and about or at the hospice. 

The support we give extends to the whole family, into bereavement and beyond for as long as each family needs us. 

There are more than one thousand life-limited children across the South West, our support for families is absolutely vital.

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