Children's Hospice South West - Sam's Story

Children's Hospice South West Mum Jo


Children's Hospice South West's aim is to provide a home from home, with a relaxed and informal atmosphere, where sick children and their families can come for a much needed break from the ongoing strains they face at home.

They care for children with a wide range of disorders, all of the children have serious illnesses and are not expected to survive into adulthood. 

Plenty of spacious accommodation for parents and brothers and sisters, and everyone is welcome to make the use of all the play and leisure activities at our hospices, and they hope to offer friendship and support, practical help and the chance to relax in beautiful surroundings that both North Devon, North Somerset and mid-Cornwall have to offer. 

They aim to encourage a family atmosphere, all those who wish to may get involved in everyday life at the hospice. 

The family accommodation has a sitting room, dining room and kitchen if families prefer to cater for themselves individually rather than joining us in the main part of the house. 

Referrals can be taken from family members whose child has been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition. 

When all the information available is reviewed, a decision will be made about the appropriateness of hospice care for your child and family. 

A typical period for completion of this referral process is approximately six weeks.