Council Tax Rise In Torridge

23 February 2010, 14:40 | Updated: 23 February 2010, 15:00

We're going to be paying more council tax in Torridge.

The budget for the next financial year has been set, and councillors agreed to increase the district council's portion by 2% - which works out at around £2.80 more a year for an average Band D property.

There are fears that there will be less money given to local councils by central government next year, with cut of up to 40% being predicted.

Leader of Torridge District Council, James Morrish, said: "If you have 40% cut out of your annual grant or your biggest income, you've got to make some serious alterations.  There's not hidden surprise that this would have to come out of a reduction of staff."

However, he added he was not scare-mongering, and among the first things to be reduced if necessary would be grants to local organisations, and not staffing levels.

To hear more from Councillor Morrish, click here.

North Devon Council is due to agree its budget and council tax on the evening of Tuesday 23rd February.

Tell us what you think - Do you agree with the increase?  If cuts have to be made, which areas should be cut first?  Add a comment below.