Crime-Free Spree Pleases

South Molton's been highlighted by the police as a place where anti-social behaviour has been virtually wiped out.

They say that in the past few weeks there have been almost no reports of bad behaviour in the town and none at all in the surrounding rural community.

PC Graham James puts it down to improved relationships and communications between the police and the community. 

He said: “We are committed to providing a highly visible and consistent approach in the area. It’s clear that by working together with other agencies and tackling any issues at an early stage, it can lead to achieving positive results." 

He's appealed to people to contact the police either by phone, email or the website as soon as any nuisance happens so it can be nipped in the bud.

PC James added: "We shall continue to focus our efforts on addressing any issues raised at our public meetings and engage with all sectors of our community."