Devon's Urged To Register To Vote

Households across Devon are being asked to register to vote now. And if we don't, not only could be be fined but we could also have problems getting credit for a mortgage or personal loan.

It's because credit companies check our details against the register of electors.

Solicitors warn it could  even stop us getting mobile phone contracts.

And they reckon around four percent of households don't bother to fill in the forms.

Torridge District Council's holding Election Roadshows this month to remind people to register to vote if they haven't done so already.

 In Torridge there are over 30,400 households and it's important that all eligible voters are registered, including 16 & 17 year olds.

 Ken Miles, Electoral Registration Officer at Torridge District Council said: 'Don't assume that because you were registered last year that you don't have to register this year. And being registered for Council Tax does not automatically mean that you are on the Register of Electors. If you're not registered you won't be able to vote in the police elections due in November and even the Devon County elections next May. It only takes a minute to register."

You can do it by phone, text, online or by post.

Election Roadshows include:

 Monday 6 August , 2-4pm  Appledore Main Car Park

 Tuesday 7 August , 10-12pm  Westward Ho! Main Car Park 

Wednesday 8 August, 10-12pm  Northam Square 

Thursday 9 August, 10-12pm  Waitrose Car Park, Holsworthy 

Friday 10 August, 10-12pm  Tesco - (East the Water) Car Park 

Thursday 16 Aug, 10-12pm  Torrington Square