Drama's Got The Power

A traumatised teenage rape victim's life was turned around after she took the lead in a Bideford College production.

Now Sophie Evans has set up her own theatre company and drama workshops to encourage others to improve their lives through drama.

The workshops are for all ages and aren't only for those who have difficulties or issues.

Instead, they're a way of exploring emotions, boosting confidence and having fun.

Sophie was just 15 when she was raped in Barnstaple.  She was given counselling but found that continually going over the details of the attack and taking about her feelings didn't help.  Instead, her life was changed when her teacher at Bideford College pursuaded her to audition for the part of Audrey in the Little Shop of Horrors.

Sophie got the part and as soon as rehersals began she felt herself coming out of the dark tunnel she'd been living in for so long.  She began trusting people, had more confidence and found she could laugh and be funny again.

Sophie has gone on to study drama and has now won a much covetted scholarship to do a masters.

She aims to leave her theatre company in safe hands so the workshops can continue.  She'll also be setting up more workshops in the Christmas holidays.

To hear more from Sophie CLICK HERE

To find out more about the classes and workshops www.creativecatharsis.co.uk