Free Rides For Guide Puppies

22 February 2010, 14:23 | Updated: 24 February 2010, 08:40

The cost of training a guide dog could be cut by around £500 for each dog, thanks to a new scheme.

First Devon and Cornwall are letting sighted puppy walkers travel on their buses for free while they are training dogs for The Guide Dogs for the Blind.

It is an essential part of the training for the animals, letting them get accustomed to the sights and sounds, as well as teaching them how to settle on public transport.

Depending on how a puppy reacts, they could be taken on a bus twice a week through the length of their training - which could mean up to 128 journeys.

Before this initiative, The Guide Dogs for the Blind would have had to pay for these journeys.

(The picture shows Kaylea getting some training on a First Bus)

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Judy said: "Well done First, what a great initiative to support." (23/02/10)