Link Road Getting Safer

25 June 2010, 12:41 | Updated: 28 June 2010, 10:18

The North Devon Link Road is safer - that's according to Devon County Council after spending over £1/2 million pounds on improvements to things like roads markings and signs.

The average speed on the A361 has dropped by 3mph, and we're leaving more space between us and the vehicle in front.

It comes as questions about the safety of the road are raised again, following a fatal collision at the weekend.

The focus on making the road even safer is turning to driver behaviour.

Peter Gimber, Road Safety and Travel Awareness Manager at Devon County Council said: "A lot of them are thinking, 'That's a fast road', but that road is open to tractors and slow-moving vehicles.  You cannot use that road as you would a dual carriageway."

To hear more from Peter, click here.

Tell us what you think - Is it our responsibility to make the road safer?  Or should the authorities do more?  Add a comment below.

Sue said: "No you can't use the road as a duel carriageway- this type of road system isn't known as Coroner's Corridor for nothing.

Pity the people who designed the road in the first place didn't consider this before they built it-A dual carriageway would be much better, but we aren't going to get it now. If this was closer to a major city then of course it would be a different matter and we would no doubt be given priority, but because we are in the west country, we are far enough away not to matter." (25/06/10)