Meat Cleaver Used In Devon Robbery

Devon police are hunting two masked knifemen who robbed a petrol station in Knowle, Braunton.

It happened at around 8pm on saturday night just as Knowle Garage was about to close.

Two men, wearing black balaclavas entered the store armed with a meat cleaver and a large kitchen knife and threatened the member of staff before stealing around £50 cash from the till. 

DI Dave Atkinson's been telling our reporter Wendy Buckingham more about the robbery CLICK HERE

The knife carried by one of the offenders which was left at the scene is described as a 'Kitchen Devil' chef's knife with an un-serrated edge,  about 30cm in overall length with a blade of 16cm. It has a black moulded handle and the width of the blade at the hilt is 4.5 cm.

Police say one of the offenders was wearing a grey 'ultra magnetic' hooded top whilst the other was wearing very dark or black clothing with dark trainers with 'addidas' white stripes on the sides of the trainer.

cctv of braunton robber

 Detective Sergeant Paul McWhinnie of Barnstaple C.I.D. said: 'We are appealing for help from the public to try and assist in identifying these offenders.

'We would like to hear from any shop keepers who believe they may have sold the meat cleaver and kitchen devil knife or from anyone who is now missing these items and who suspect a family member or someone they know may be involved in this despicable crime. 

'We are also interested in hearing from anyone who believes they may have seen these offenders approaching or leaving the garage and in particular we would like to establish their method of travel to and from the scene. The offenders behaved in a very aggressive and threatening manner, swinging the meat cleaver towards the female member of staff and subjecting her to a very traumatic incident.'

 Anyone with information is asked to contact the Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, quoting reference CN/12/454.