Mother Fights For Dead Daughter's Burial

Exeter mortuary is still holding the body of a North Devon teenager three and a half years after she was killed.

Scarlett Keeling was just 15 when she was killed on a beach in Goa, India.

She'd been on a family holiday with her mother Fiona McKeown and brothers and sisters.  They're still living on a small holding near Bradworthy in north Devon.

Two men were arrested at the time but the court case has stalled amid allegations of police corruption. Mrs McKeown isn't convinced they murdered her daughter but believes they could be so-called 'fall guys'.  She fears there is both drug money and an influential politician's son involved.

Two post mortems have been carried out in India.  But not all the paperwork has been supplied to the Foreign Office and Mrs McKeown is convinced the Goan authorities are hoping the murder will be forgotten and fade away.

She told Heart reporter Wendy Buckingham that it's heart-breaking her daughter's body has still not been laid to rest.  She says it's only the press who is get the tragic case resolved.  CLICK HERE

A spokesperson for the Exeter and Greater Devon Coroner says they're still waiting to hear from India via the foreign and commonwealth office before the body can be released.