North Devon Royal Marines Return Home

North Devon Sappers from 24 Commando Engineer Regiment Royal Engineers have returned to their home base at RMB Chivenor after a highly successful 6 month tour of Afghanistan.

70 members of the 250 plus strong unit greeted wives, girlfriends and relatives at a hanger on the base late on Tuesday night.

They had worked tirelessly to improve security build bridges, roads and improve the general infrastructure of the region.

24 Commando Homecoming

One of the biggest tasks was the reconstruction of the enormous 45 metre long bridge over the Nahr-e-Bughra canal, the longest of its kind.

It took just ten days, with the men working in temperatures well over 50 degrees Celcius, wearing helmets and body armour.

Lt Col Leigh Tingey

They've also been teaching members of the Afghan National Army how to operate heavy plant machinery used in road building projects.