Recycle Your Old Batteries

North Devon's becoming one of the first areas in the South West to introduce battery recycling boxes in public buildings.

It's in a bid to prevent hundreds of thousands going to landfill every year.  Across the whole country, around 600 million household batteries are thrown out annually with only 3% being recycled.  The danger of this is that batteries contain acids and heavy metals, such as lead and mercury.  They can break down and leak, causing harm to the environment and wildlife.  So now North Devon's taking a lead.  We can take most battery sizes to the recycling boxes, including AAs, AAAs, Ds, Cs and 4.5, 6 and 9 volts.  Batteries from mobile phones, laptops and power tools can also be used.

Boxes will be placed at..

Civic Centre, Barnstaple

The Amory Centre, South Molton

The Ilfracombe Centre

The Works and Recycling Unit at Seven Brethren

Barnstaple Library

Petroc (formerly North Devon College)

Lynton Library

A number of schools are also taking part