Scarlett's Laid To Rest At Last

A murdered teenager is back at her home on the Devon and Cornwall border...

Scarlett Keeling's been buried on land belonging to her family near Bradworthy.

Her body had been kept in the mortuary at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital for the past four years and was only released by the coroner in April.

15 year old Scarlett was murdered in Goa, India.  A first inquest in India claimed she had drowned after taking drugs.  But a second inquest, demanded by her grieving mother Fiona MacKoewn, showed 15 separate injuries and proved she had been murdered.

Fiona has been battling ever since to get justice from the Indian authorities. She says the police inquiry has been completely inadequate and the real culprits have never been caught. Two men accused of her murder have never faced a full trial.

Fiona tells our reporter Wendy Buckingham that Scarlett's funeral, on the weekend of what would have been her 20th birthday, will help the family's healing process.  Although, she knows,  they'll never fully come to terms with the loss of such a wonderful, happy daughter and sister.  CLICK HERE