Swastika Graffiti in Barnstaple

12 February 2010, 13:04 | Updated: 15 February 2010, 09:47

Swastikas have been graffitied in locations around Barnstaple.

Police were called to 'Barnhenge' roundabout on Thursday night after reports of graffiti in the area, but no-one was around when they arrived.

However, they discovered swastikas painted on the stones. 

When they had a look around the area, more graffiti was found in phone booths on The Strand, on the pavement in between them and on a cafe.  They also found graffiti on the subway near Long Bridge and on St Paul's Church at Sticklepath.

The council have been informed so the paint can be removed as soon as possible.

Police have an 18 year old in custody.

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Lou says: "and so soon after a BNP candidate is announced for North Devon!" (12/02/10)

Denise says: "thats just sick how could any one do that we should all treat each other the same no matter what family you come from or the colour your skin is how could some one be that horrible !!!" (12/02/10)