Amy Williams Celebration Tour

Thousands of people have lined the streets of Bath to welcome home Olympic Gold Medalist Amy Williams.

She was team GB's only medallist at the Winter Games in Vancouver, winning gold in the Bob Skeleton event.

Amy told Heart 'It's amazing [to be back] with this heavy lump of metal round my neck! I have had it round my neck a lot and I do notice when I take it off, oh, it's not there anymore! But it does make it feel so real. I'll just keep it under my pillow for now and on me as well!.'

On the future of her sport she said 'We need to make it more accessible for kids to get into. We've got our push track at Bath Uni but it is an ice sport and like ice skaters need to practice on ice, so do we. It's a lot of money and I know that is difficult but you can always dream.'

You can see pictures from Amy's medal parade below.