Bath Comedy Festival

Bath Comedy Festival is back for it's second year.

Last year over 8 thousand tickets were sold for shows at the festival with more than 200 acts performing and 1 thousand local people involved in organising the event.

The festival organisers are promising 11 days of belly laughs, Alex Timms told Heart 'Stand up is probably the cutting edge, the rock and roll of comedy at the moment and it's a really exciting cultural form too. But there’s so much variety in farce in sketch shows and street theatre as well.'

He admits stand up's current popularity will probably help crowd numbers 'In challenging times I think people want to laugh more than ever before, laughter is just such a great medicine. The comedians themselves are breaking new ground, and I think there is great creativity in what’s currently a burgeoning art from.

The Bath comedy festival runs till the 11th of April, you can find out more on the links to the right.