Is Bath posh and pricey?

Posh, pricey and the rush hour traffic will have you weeping into your steering wheel.

That is what visitors to Bath are being told about the city by the new Lonely Planet Guide to the South West.

The book's guide to Bath says:

"For nigh-on three centuries this sophisticated, stately, ever-so-slightly snooty city has been setting trends (architectural, cultural, fashionable) for the rest of the nation to follow...It's not without it's drawbacks though, it's posh, pricey and the rush-hour traffic will have you weeping in your steering wheel."

The guide's description of Bristol was a little better:

"There's a new sense of energy in Bristol these days. Massive investment has resulted in the revitalisation of the harbourside...throw in a bevy of top-class restaurants, a buzzing artistic sector and a crackling cultural scene , and you have a city that's crying out for exploration."