Melanie Hall Appeal

Police think a pair of earrings could be the key to finding Melanie Hall's killer. She was murdered after a night out in Bath in 1996 but her remains were only found beside the M5 six months ago.

Detective Superintendent Mike Courtiour, leading the case, said:

"It has now been six months since the discovery of Melanie Hall's remains just off the slip road at Junction 14 of the M5 motorway. I am once again appealing for help in identifying her killer or killers and bringing them to justice.

The investigation team has continued to work tirelessly during the past six months, following up new information we have received and revisiting the previous investigations that followed Melanie's disappearance from Walcot Street, back in 1996.

250 additional statements have been taken and 1200 new tasks and investigative actions have been completed.

The forensic work has been extensive and is still continuing today. Results of ongoing sensitive scientific tests are still not complete. However, at this moment, there is no forensic breakthrough.

We have still not established what happened to Melanie after she was last seen in Cadillacs nightclub, just after 1am on Sunday 9th June 1996. Where did she go? Who was she with? What happened to her and then resulted in her body being dumped 30 miles away, wrapped in black bins bags and tied up with blue rope.

We do know that there was considerable activity around and outside the nightclub on that evening nearly 14 years ago. We have had sightings and been given descriptions of a number of females in the street and in the lane close to the club, between 1 and 3am. Some of the descriptions we have been given suggest that one could possibly have been Melanie, although none are so accurate and compelling that we can be sure.

On that evening, Melanie was wearing a distinctive blue silk dress with a round neck. She had on black suede mule shoes, with straps across the front and an open toe. We believe they were a size 5 or 6. She had a yellow/creamy coloured single-breasted long sleeved hip-length jacket. She was carrying a black satchel-type handbag with an 18 inch-long strap and a front flap opening. In her bag were some cosmetics and a Midland cheque book and bank card.

She wore a Next watch with an expanding bracelet and had on silver drop earrings. None of her clothing or property I have described has been recovered or found.

The only item of jewellery found was the ring on her finger that helped us identify her remains. What I want to know now is what happened to all her clothing? What happened to her bag and possessions and what happened to her watch and jewellery?

I am sure somebody must know what happened to her and where all those items went. I know it has been a significant length of time since she went missing, but I believe there are people who do know what has happened and are remaining silent.
I am sure someone knows what happened to her clothing and property and what happened to her jewellery? And crucially what happened to Melanie.

Six months on, I once again urge anyone with information to come forward and provide us with the information and evidence we need to identify her killer or killers and bring them to justice."

Anyone with any information should contact the Murder Incident Room on 0117 9455811 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.