100 Turkey Chicks Stolen From Farm

12 August 2011, 10:26 | Updated: 12 August 2011, 10:32

A hundred turkey chicks have been stolen from a farm in North Bedfordshire.

The Norfolk Bronze chicks, which fetch upto £60 when they are fully grown, were stolen sometime between Friday night (August 5th) and the early hours of Saturday morning (August 6th) from an open barn at a farm in Back Lane, Souldrop.

They birds were only a few weeks old and were in a cage in the barn, being fed on a professionally-formulated diet and kept warm with heat lamps.

Beds police say they may not fare well under less favourable conditions.

PC Dave Hawkey said: "It may be that someone has seen someone or a vehicle that is not usually around near the farm,.

"If so, we'd like to hear from them - or from anyone who may have been offered some of the chicks for sale. The chicks are due to be ready for the Christmas market and will be worth around £60 per bird so it is a considerable loss for the farmer.

"It's entirely possible the chicks could have been stolen to order so if you are dubious about the origin of chicks you are purchasing, contact us immediately."