Construction Jobs For Women

5 February 2010, 12:43 | Updated: 8 February 2010, 07:24

Hundreds of schoolgirls were at an event in Bedford today to find out more about jobs in the construction and engineering sectors.

Dozens of companies came to the Bunyan Centre to try to get rid of the stereotypical image of a male-dominated industry.  They were offering hands-on activities, the chance to talk to professionals about the opportunities available and get advice and guidance from industry experts about getting started in a career.

Warren Edwards, Director for Technology and Construction at Bedford College said: "We need to redress inequalities of women working in the construction and engineering industry and by training women in construction and engineering skills we can do that.

"There are fantastic career opportunities in these industries which include traditional craft trades and highly paid professions such as construction management, architecture and surveying, aero, mechanical and electrical/electronic engineering.  Women are in demand in the modern world and help to build and sustain the world of today and the future through science, technology, engineering and maths skills."

Amongst the stands and exhibits were Mel and Sandra, co-owners of Pink Ladders.  They completed courses at Bedford College before starting their own painting, decorating an interior design business.  Sandra said: "When we first did our course at the college, there were a few girls but not many.  So today, to see so many down here it's inspiring."

You can listen to Mathew Williams' full interview with Mel and Sandra by clicking here...