Council Targets Illegal Parking Outside Schools

16 June 2010, 05:00 | Updated: 16 June 2010, 09:30

Bedford Borough Council have announced plans to increase patrols outside schools to make sure parents park lawfully when dropping off or picking up their children.

Two children were run over outside schools in the borough earlier this year and since then the council have worked with the police to try and make streets safer.  Now the council have employed two extra officers at a cost of £44,000 a year.

Mayor of Bedford Borough, Dave Hodgson, said: “The majority of parents understand the need to park safely outside schools. However, during our ongoing work to encourage everyone to obey the laws of the road we have found a number of drivers refuse to listen and continually put the safety of children at risk by pulling up on kerbs or double yellow lines.

“Appointing two additional officers means we will have the ability to ensure everyone understands the importance of parking lawfully and, where necessary, prosecute those who refuse to obey the law.

“Drivers who already park legally have no reason to be worried and I believe they will welcome our efforts to make the roads outside our schools safer for all.”

The new officers will work different shifts to existing staff, enabling them to target schools in the afternoon, when the problems are at their worst.

During periods when schools are closed the additional officers will join colleagues to enforce double yellow line parking restrictions.

We want to know what you think about this scheme.  Have you had experience of this yourself?  Do you think the council are right to target parents like this, or are they making life difficult unnecessarily?  Fill in the form below and leave a comment...


"It's a very good idea (and about time too). Most parents are responsible and park safely, but there are one or two, especially at my daughters school, that just don't seem to care. They park on the yellow lines, directly across from the school entrance and even blocking the school entrance on occasions, which is extremely dangerous - so something like this will make a big difference.  Well done councilors - a very good move."  Mick Spencer

"Too right about time too i was clipped by a 4x4 with big mirrors as i walking on the path it mounted the path over the zig zag lines dropped one child off then sped off if my son was walking that side it would have got his head. school run drrivers have no sense at all some live so close to school why dont they walk their child."  Lesley Huckle

"Very true indeed.... my girls school they park on the crossing and on the grass ect... but u report it to the school and they say we will get the poilce inform but nothing every happens regarding it...."  Joanne Cowley

"Most schools have car parks so why is it so difficult to use them. They dont charge so why not? Its an area with children. There should be less cars there so there is less risk. They need to park responsibly."  Ashleigh James

"Very true ashleigh the school were mine go to parents are not allowed to use the car the park."  Joanne Cowley

"I have been trying to write a reply, as i am a school run driver and i do have sense! We're not all the same. I welcome the council in toughening up and targeting those awful school run drivers with no sense! its about time!!"  Justina Alexis