David Cameron Comes To Bedfordshire

21 April 2011, 17:31 | Updated: 21 April 2011, 18:03

David Cameron's been visiting Bedfordshire today (Thursday).

The Prime Minister started off at the Vauxhall Plant in Luton, before moving on to meet Conservative supporters at a school in Bedford.

Mr Cameron spoke to Heart about General Motors' decision to build the new generation of Vivaro vans at the Luton factory.

He says the plans will have a major knock-on effect for British suppliers:

"Vauxhall are bringing on shore quite a lot of the supply chain for what they make in Luton. And that's about £150 million pounds of contracts already let in the UK, many in the area."

"I'm going to be talking further with General Motors about how to encourage that process. Because we want more manufacturing, more technology, more exports, more jobs here in Luton and I think we're going to get that."