Day 5: The First Step Is The Hardest

22 February 2010, 05:00 | Updated: 26 February 2010, 06:23

In our last report on Eating Disorder Awareness Week, we look at how people can begin to recover from their problems.

We spoke to Gerri Bentley, the manager at Open Door - a centre which offers help and advice for young people in Bedford.

Gerri explained that often eating disorders are a result of deeper problems and therapists often look to tackle those issues first: "If young people come to us with problems, our counsellors will work with them to look at the possible issues underneath the reasons why they're carrying out an eating disorder.  And through looking at those problems you can actually start to help the young person work through those issues, and maybe that then gives them the strength to tackle the eating disorder which is the thing that presents itself."

As well as eating disorders, Open Door helps young people with a range of issues.  But Mrs Bentley says in all cases, taking the first step and admitting you need help is often the hardest part of getting better: "Saying I have a problem with this is a bit like an alcoholic saying 'I am an alcoholic'; it's the first big step.  But actually walking through this door and speaking to a counsellor can really be a big thing, and once they've made that first step then actually the process gets easier.

"Finding someone that can just listen, impartially without judging them in a totally confidential situation is something that is very important for them and the healing process."

You can hear Mathew Williams' full interview with Gerri by clicking here...

And for more information about Open Door, click the link under the photo above.