Etienne Stott Homecoming

30 September 2012, 08:16 | Updated: 30 September 2012, 09:53

Hundreds of people have turned out to see Olympic canoe slalom gold medallist Etienne Stott being taken on an open-top bus tour of Bedford.

The 33 year old took part in a Homecoming Parade on Saturday 29 September 2012 to honour all the Olympians and Paralympians from Bedford, along with the Gamesmakers who helped make the Olympics and Paralympics such a success.

Etienne travelled alongside Paralympic sitting volleyball players Jessica Frezza and Julie Rogers.  The open-top bus took them from De Parys Avenue, down the High Street and the Embankment.

Etienne then led the crowds across the river to the Duckmill Weir White Water Arena, which was renamed the Etienne Stott White Water Arena in his honour.

Etienne grew up in Bedford, and attended Castle Lower School, Goldington Middle School and Biddenham Upper School.

Afterwards, he told Heart: "The London parade was immense and this was a like a real nice one as well because it was just like the people from your home town. I spotted a few of my mates in the crowd. It was just fantastic."