Fancy A Chocolate Curry This Easter?

5 April 2012, 17:15 | Updated: 8 April 2012, 10:32

If you're bored of the traditional chocolate egg this Easter, how about a chocolate curry?

Saffron Indian Restaurant in Tavistock Street, Bedford is offering the strange combination to customers for free this month.

Iddi, the owner, told Heart it's surprisingly tasty ''The word 'chocolate korma it does not go, I do understand, but wants people try it and the word gets around it's gonna be a winner!

''It's great for kids who love chocolate and don't like curry. It's like young kids when they go into a sweet shop it's like 'Wow!', so if you add a bit of curry to it, it's something different''

Our reporter Natalie went along to try it out....