Female Police Officer Attacked By Burglar

30 August 2011, 16:18 | Updated: 30 August 2011, 16:20

A woman police officer suffered a broken eye socket, cheekbone and nose when she was attacked by a burglar in Bedford yesterday morning (Tuesday August 30th).

The 30 year old traffic officer was patrolling alone when she responded to a call of a break in in progress in Oldfield Road just after 9am.

As she tried to arrest a 30 year old man at the scene she was attacked. She was so badly hurt that when she pressed her police radio emergency button she was unable to speak.

Colleagues working in the area responded and arrested a man in Carlisle Road on suspicion of GBH and burglary. Two juveniles - aged 15 and 17 - were also arrested in Carlisle Road for burglary.

The officer, who has 8 years experience, was taken to Bedford hospital, but has been transferred to a specialist eye hospital.

Chief Superintendent Mike Colbourne said the assault was shocking and violent. He said: "Officers are of course trained to defend themselves when arresting violent individuals but the injuries sustained by this officer were very serious.

"Officers put themselves at risk every time they patrol. We wish this officer a speedy recovery."

Anyone who witnessed the assault is asked to call DS Jim Mallen on 01234 275141 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.