Improving Schools

15 January 2010, 13:16 | Updated: 18 January 2010, 10:48

Schools in Central Bedfordshire are being told to work more closely together to help raise standards and exam results.

It comes after OFSTED awarded them just an adequate rating for the standard of their children's services.  They want teachers from schools that are performing well to offer help and advice to teachers at schools where exam results are below the national average.

At the council's executive meeting on Tuesday, they agreed a four part approach:

  • Working with schools so that they can form strong partnerships, working together on a joined up curriculum to provide continuous  and improved learning for children from 3 to 19.
  • Focusing available resources on improving achievement.
  • Supporting schools according to their circumstances and needs, particularly focusing on accelerating improvements in schools judged as only satisfactory.
  • Changing the way schools are supported so that they can access school improvement advice from stronger schools and partnerships as well as other providers.

Councillor Anita Lewis, Head of Children's Services said:  "We are passionate about ensuring that the children and young people of Central Bedfordshire are given the very best chances to fulfil their potential and we recognise that educational opportunity is key to this. 

"Our programme to raise achievement in schools will be crucial and as an Executive we are committed to improving educational standards."