Kimbolton Wind Farm Proposals

Campaigners against plans to build a windfarm on an airfield in Kimbolton, near Huntingdon, have held a public meeting.

They hope they've made local residents aware that they can oppose Broadview Energy's plans, if they want to.

We don't have many details about the proposals at the moment, but it's expected the development would contain four turbines, each about 125 metres high.

The company behind the scheme, Broadview Energy, is holding their public meeting today (18th Jan) from 4:30pm to 8:30pm at The Queen Katharine Building, Kimbolton School, Kimbolton.

The energy company will outline the proposed height and location of the four turbines at the meeting.

If planning permission is granted, the Bicton wind farm would be expected to start operation in 2011.

Broadview Energy says it would generate electricity from renewable sources for several thousand homes, play a part in reducing the country's carbon dioxide emissions and contribute to the East of England's renweable energy capacity targets.

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