Man Injured After Pushed in River

31 March 2011, 10:45 | Updated: 31 March 2011, 10:48

Police are hunting three youths who attacked a man on a pathway by a river before pushing him in.

The man's friend jumped into the river to rescue him.

It happened at around 10.30pm on Tuesday night (March 29th) on the pathway by the side of the Great River Ouse in Bedford between Prebend Street and the railway bridge, when the two men were approached by three Asian youths. 

There was an argument between the men and the youths and the victims were then set upon with a claw hammer

One of the men was pushed into the river. His friend managed to struggle free and ran to get help from a passing motorist.

He ran back to the river and jumped in to rescue his friend, police arrived and helped them both from the river. 

During the confrontation the men aged 34 and 35 years suffered cuts and bruises to their face and head and were taken to South Wing hospital and later released following treatment for their injuries.