Man jailed for domestic violence

14 January 2011, 17:20 | Updated: 14 January 2011, 17:24

A man who has been repeatedly violent to two women in his life has been jailed for 32 months today (Friday January 14th).

Daniel Brown, 29 was before Luton Crown Court for two assaults on one partner, the accounts of which a Judge described as 'harrowing'.

And it emerged that he had been convicted previously of assaulting the same victim and a former partner.

Judge Michael Kay QC told him: "You have a propensity to be violent towards women you are in a relationship with. You must learn that this is a totally unacceptable way to behave.

"The level of violence is appalling and cowardly."

Brown, of Parish Close, Bedford pleaded guilty to two charges of assault causing actual bodily harm on Sept 10 and 22 last year.

Claudette Elliott, prosecuting the first assault began when he and his partner of four years, Bernadette Walsh were driving home with their two children asleep in the back of the car.

He became angry and began assaulting her. Then he stopped the car and pulled her out and repeatedly punched her chest and ribs and pulled her hair.

The prosecutor said he threatened to kill her and made other threats about what he would do to her mother and brother.

They then drove home but the assault continued when they went to bed.

"The victim was punched in the face and she said she saw stars and blood poured from her nose. She said it was torture and she was black and blue all over." He would not let her go to hospital, the court was told.

On Sept 22 he came home and flew into a rage. He pulled her hair and pulled her to the ground where he punched her repeatedly on the same spot on her thigh.

He initially denied the assaults but pleaded guilty when the case came to court.

Robert Evans, defending said: "He is trying to change and has the motivation to learn from his mistakes. He accepts the relationship is at an end and  he wants to move on and better himself through education while in custody."