Nuisance Motorbike Hotline Set Up

9 June 2010, 08:11

One police team in Bedford is setting up a dedicated phone line to deal with nuisance motorbikes this summer.

There's a long-term safety problem with bikes being ridden across the open space around Moor Lane - it's also very noisy.

PC Guy Lakin and his PCSO colleagues Nick Attwater and Narzia Ahmed are running a new confidential reporting hotline for nuisance motorcyclists in this hot spot area.

“We’ve had numerous complaints about people riding dangerously, on footpaths, without helmets and generally causing noise and irritation to others. Because this is a neighbourhood priority, officers will be responding as a matter of urgency to calls about this if residents spot it going on,” said PC Lakin.

“But we’d also like people to tell us who is using these bikes and where some of these bikes are hidden so that we can take more targeted action and take some of these unlicensed machines away.  People can leave a message on the confidential reporting line about which the team can pick up and callers don’t need to leave their name unless they would like us to return their call,” he said.

Any vehicle causing a nuisance can be confiscated by the police under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002. Officers will warn riders/drivers a number of times about their behaviour while in charge of a vehicle, but if the nuisance carries on, officers can confiscate and destroy it.

The confidential messages about the Moor Lane nuisance motorcycles can be left for the Kingsbrook and Cauldwell team on 07507 684349.