Paula Radcliffe Bitten By Dog

Paula Radcliffe's recovering after being bitten by a dog while out on a training run in Monaco.

The 37 year old marathon runner from Bedford told fans on Twitter that she had to go to hospital after the bite from a dog she described as "A bit corgi- ish but bigger" - because her calf went into spasm.

It happened on Friday 7 January 2011.  She didn't need stitches - but did have to have antibiotics and a Tetnus jab

She said "the owner was an older gentleman who couldn't control the dog. I was stood still when it happened. The guy said it was my fault cos I was running and dog got excited! Just glad kids weren't there." and she told followers that her husband and coach wasn't best pleased about the incident: "Not sure the owner will be so stupid again after the tongue lashing he received from my other half!"