Police At Hinchingbrooke Hospital

25 January 2010, 07:47 | Updated: 25 January 2010, 07:51

A police office has been set up at the entrance of Hinchingbrooke Hospital, to help deter anti social behaviour.

Local neighbourhood officers will also use the office as a base to run their police surgeries from.

It will also be used as a private area where police can deal with any incidents that occur on the hospital site.

PCSO Debbie Thorburn said: "We're hoping having a police office right at the front of the hospital will be a good deterrent, as the building does sometimes suffer from anti-social behaviour, like groups of youths gathering there and going into areas they shouldn't really be going into.

Like any hospital, incidents do occur and somebody might be particularly upset or traumatised and we just need to get them somewhere safe and out of the public eye."

Kevin Walker, from Hinchingbrooke Hospital, added: "We wholeheartedly welcome the local officers who will be working from the building and hope their presence on site will be a reassuring site for patients, visitors and employees."

The office will also be stocked with information and crime prevention advice leaflets.