Sandwich Shop Petition

1 April 2011, 15:09 | Updated: 2 April 2011, 08:09

Around a dozen people have signed a petition, complaining about the name of a new sandwich shop that's just opened in Henlow.

Nice Baps started trading on the High Street last week.

But shortly after opening owner John O'Toole was presented with a petition from a small number of people who felt the name was inappropriate.

Mr O'Toole told Heart it's mainly been signed by women who have described the name as "trashy".

"I was a little bit annoyed because it's just a name and you can read in to it what you like. Obviously some people have read in to a different way than it's actually meant. I do large baps, I do small baps and I do soft baps - as I explained to one lady who complained. And they're actually nice baps, so that's where the name's come from."

John O'Toole44-year-old Mr O'Toole runs another sandwich shop of the same name in Caddington. His wife came up with the name originally and he says they've never had any complaints at their other cafe.

The Dad of three told Heart, despite the protest from some locals, most people he's spoken to love the name and he's got no plans to change it:

"I will not change the name of the shop. I think it's great. Where's everyone's humour gone? We live in a sad old world and sometimes it's nice to actually put a smile on people's faces and go to work with a laugh."