Top Dog Retires

4 October 2012, 06:00

Police sniffer dog Ted calls it a day after 10 years of working for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Police.

Ted was a highly trained drugs and firearms sniffer dog

Over the years Ted found firearms and large amounts of drugs and cash and helped lock criminals.

PC Jason Keir, who has been Ted’s handler and constant companion since 2004, said: 

“Ted is a real personality and an excellent police dog

“During Ted's service he had two ligaments operation on both back legs at different times which would normally mean early retirement but he made such a good recovery after both operations he managed another 2 years service.

“After having Ted for nearly nine years I do miss him and so do my children but I know he is having a nice life being spoilt, sleeping on a sofa and living indoors for the first time.”