Turbine Plan Criticised

9 June 2010, 08:11

Plans to build a wind turbine near Stewartby are being criticised by local campaigners.

The Marston Vale Trust want to build the turbine, which would stand at 120 metres tall in the Millennium Country Park.

At the moment the proposals are out for the public to have their say on until the end of the week.  You can access the consultation by clicking here...

Hugh Roberts from the Marston Moretaine Action Group told us: "We're all for green energy, we're all for the aims of the Forest Centre and the Country Park.  We're behind green space and we're behind initiatives the Forest Centre takes in developing those.  But a wind turbine the height of a brick chimney doesn't make sense.

"We question what the motivations are here.  Is it a commercial one?  Does the Forest Centre get money out of building a wind turbine?  Or is it an environmental one?  If it is an environmental one, then shouldn't they go back to planting trees?"

Tony Talbot from the Marston Vale Trust told us: "You've got to realise that the Forest of Marston Vale isn't just about trees and has never been aimed to be just about trees.  It's about sustainable development and creating places that are unusual and enjoyable and great places to live and work.

"Part of the idea is that if it's a local turbine, local people should be able to invest and get the benefit from it.  We're probably now at about a dozen people who are seriously interested in doing some sort of investment in the turbine."