Two Boys Robbed In Bedford

30 August 2012, 15:23 | Updated: 30 August 2012, 15:25

Two boys were robbed on their way home from a chip shop in Bedford last night (Weds)

The 14 and 16 year old were in Ampthill Road at 11pm when a white man, who had been in chip shop in Offa Road before them, appeared with a black friend.

The man tried to engage the boys in conversations, but they walked on.

They started to push the teenagers and the black man grabbed the 16 year old boy in a headlock. He managed to free himself but the white man then told the boy to give him everything he had, and empty his pockets.

The boy handed over his iPod Nano, Nokia mobile phone, £12 change and the two dinners he had bought.  The 14 year old was told to jump up and down but nothing was stolen from him.

Both offenders then walked off and the white man threatened to kill them if they told anyone.

The white man was aged around 40, scruffy, about 5ft 5ins tall, skinny with a bony, gaunt face and wearing a grey tracksuit. The black man was aged around 25, about 6ft tall, muscular and wearing jeans with a large~buttoned baseball top.

Beds police are appealing for anyone who recognises the descriptions, or who was in the area at the time to call DC Luke Moore, at Greyfriars CID, on 01234 275011.