Youths Kill Kitten In Car Park

10 August 2012, 15:15

The RSPCA are investigating after a kitten was seen being kicked around a car park in Kempston.

A witness reported seeing two young men in their twenties kicking the kitten in the car park at the Interchange Retail Park on Meadows Way on Monday night (August 6)

At first she thought they were kicking a football but then intervened when she saw it was actually a kitten. 

When they realised that they had been seen the two men drove off in a black Corsa. 

The witness picked up the tiny black and white kitten to take it to a vets but it died on the way. 

It is not known whether the cat was feral or had been dumped. 

RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Jane Folly said: 'I can't believe that anyone would be so cruel as to kick an animal to death. 

'We need to find out who was behind this attack as if they are capable of this they could well pose a danger to other animals. 

'If anyone has any information please contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018'.