Reaction to the case

Find out what the leading officers on the case have to say.

Supt Rob Mason, senior investigating officer, said:  Terry Bryant is undoubtedly a very dangerous man. The offences he committed were truly horrific and would leave any reasonable person feeling repulsed. He preyed on innocent young girls who were going about their normal day-to-day lives. Two of the girls were subjected to serious sexual assaults after being abducted from the streets and a third was grabbed from her home but thankfully managed to escape. Ultimately, Bryant was caught as a result of their bravery and full cooperation during the investigation. From their accounts, we were able to build a picture of the offender and the location where he took the girls. After Bryant’s arrest it became clear that the details provided by the girls proved to be remarkably accurate.

The offences caused understandable concern and fear in the local community. Despite the palpable sense of alarm, the community came together and made a concerted effort to assist us – for this we are incredibly grateful. The support we received from the public whilst the offences were being investigated was truly outstanding; the incident room received hundreds of calls, and members of the public left messages on a social networking site, which also assisted our investigation.

The support we received from the SEBEV search and rescue charity, Bracknell Forest Council and the local media was invaluable and helped us to eliminate more than 80 potential locations in the Bracknell area.

This complex investigation saw officers from across Thames Valley Police come together to capture the person responsible, and deal with Bryant once he was arrested and charged. Although the Major Crime Unit led the investigation, I am very grateful to the support I received from local officers in Bracknell and other areas of Berkshire East.

Ch Insp Simon Bowden, police commander for Bracknell, said: Terry Bryant committed some horrendous offences in Bracknell in 2009 and 2010. The investigation that followed, conducted by my colleagues in the Major Crime Unit, was wholeheartedly supported by officers and staff from Bracknell Forest police area.

I have worked in Bracknell for nearly five years and this was one of the largest and most complex enquiries we have been involved in. The nature of the incidents and the subsequent investigation also brought about huge community concern.
“However, the support from the local community was immense and goes a long way to prove that our most important partner in providing a quality policing response to any incident is the public.

He added: Crime can have a devastating effect on its victims, and people often remain a victim of crime until the effect on their life has dissipated. My thoughts remain with the young women and their families. Bryant committed such horrid crimes that they will be affected for a long time by his actions.  While the criminal justice system can seek to punish him for his acts, it cannot repair the harm that has been done.

I sincerely hope that the people of Bracknell Forest never have to fear for the welfare of their children in this way again, and that the capture of this man sends not only a warning to people engaged in any kind of crime in this borough, but also a message that crime affects the life of people who become victims. Crime levels in Bracknell Forest remain low, and serious crimes such as those committed by Bryant are extremely rare. It is my job to continue to keep crime low and to ensure my officers provide the best service they can to the people we serve.

CPS Principal Crown Advocate, Ben Gumpert, said: “This man is every parent’s worst nightmare. Short of causing death the offences he has committed are among the most serious that the courts have to deal with. The girls who are the victims of these offences have shown considerable bravery and strength of character in dealing with the terrifying ordeals that Terry Bryant put them through.

“He denied his part in these atrocious offences throughout, only finally admitting his guilt shortly before his first appearance at the Crown Court. He has today been brought back before the courts for them to determine an appropriate sentence for his crimes. I can only hope that his victims are now able to move forward with their lives in the future”.