Ascot Mum faces Huge Bills To Tutor Son

An Ascot mum - who's dyslexic son's been turned away from 24 schools - is now having to folk out thousands of pounds in private tuition this Summer.

10 year old Jack Harley Walsh - is one of the youngest to climb Mount Kilimanjaro - but secondary schools claim they can't handle his specific needs if he starts in September.

His mum Sue Walsh, says:

"Jack has a Statement of Special Educational Needs because of his Dyslexia and Dyscalcula , a Specific Learning Disability that is classified as a disability under the Disability Discrimination Act  

"However, he is falling between stools - state schools claim they don't have the resources and skills  to address his special educational needs and private schools are unwilling to commit the resources they do have.  The result he has been repeatedly turned down by onwards of 24 schools that have refused to interview or assess him.

"My objective is to get Jack an appropriate education where the staff has the skills and knowledge to teach children with dyslexia and dyscalculia how to learn in an integrated environment and not just provide an hour's special attention here and there."

Hear from Jack and his mum Sue here