Bracknell Mum sheds 4 stone

A mum from Bracknell, who's lost 37 inches from her body in 6 months, wants labelling on food to be made clearer.

Angela Norwood's lost three and a half stone by re-teaching herself good nutrition and says it's because she finally learned that low-fat foods aren't necessarily good for you.

"Even things like where they say its a healthy option: yes it might be low in fat, but its really high in sugar. It's balancing everything up when you're looking at the menus and labels."

Angela's gone from a size 24 to a 14, and now she's teaching her kids James and Lucy to eat healthily too.

"They're eating a lot healthier than they ever have. Their snacks and things in their lunch-boxes are a lot better."
Changing her diet has helped Angela spend more time with her two children. She now takes them swimming and cycling without feeling out of breath and tired. From eating more nutritional food, Angela has more energy.

Now she wants other people who are struggling with dieting to follow her lead, "it's about making people aware that knowing what they put in their mouth is really important."

Angela's tips:

Drink lots of water

Check food labels - if a product says "low fat", check the sugar content. If the sugar content is high then it will not help you lose weight.

Not all fats are bad for you.

Exercise is key