Canine Christmas Miracle

3 January 2011, 10:18

A little stray dog that unwittingly found herself in the middle of a county-wide search has finally been rescued by Dogs Trust Newbury.

The elusive Mink Hound, named Angel, survived freezing conditions by building dens and foraging for scraps - her survival has been described as a Christmas miracle.
Concerned locals raised the alarm after initially spotting the runaway in Axford but her travels did not stop there as she was spotted in Ramsbury, Enborne, Speen, and Hungerford meaning she travelled miles and miles in one month alone.
Maureen Iggleden, Dogs Trust Newbury Manager told heart "Where Angel came from will probably always be a mystery as she wasn’t microchipped, however she will now have a happy future and a safe home for Christmas thanks to my assistant manager Jenny’s sheer determination to rescue her. I would like to thank residents for helping to find her by reporting sightings – the Christmas spirit of giving is certainly alive and well in Berkshire!"
Maureen added: "We named her Angel as we believe a guardian angel must have been watching over her, I hope her luck continues and that the new year will bring her a new home". 
Paula Boyden, Deputy Veterinary Director at Dogs Trust adds: "Given the weather conditions that we have experienced over the past few weeks I am surprised to hear that she survived and was picked up in such good condition. However, with temperatures due to plummet to well below zero again, the challenge of finding food and shelter may well have proven to be an impossible task if she had not been rescued".
The infamous Berkshire bounder is now safe and local residents can rest easy knowing she is receiving lots of festive love and care at Dogs Trust Newbury.

If you would like to offer Angel a home please contact the Rehoming Centre directly on 01488 658 391.
Potential new dog owners are welcome to visit.

Meanwhile, animal rescue charities in the Thames Valley say they've seen an increase in the numbers of animals people are off-loading onto them.

At the Oxford Animal Sanctuary - the charity's in need of lots of old newspapers for bedding, due to the 180 cats and 94 dogs that have been abandoned by their owners.

The Binfield Dog Rescue centre say they've had older dogs being abandoned that they are now looking after.

Some of the reasons given by people for abandoning their pets in the Thames Valley:

"I've got a new carpet, and I don't want (the cat) to mess it up"

"It's (the dog) started fighting with the other dogs"

Marriage or relationship breakdowns at Christmas time have been a common cause of having pets abandoned this year according to all the Animal Care and Rescue centres heart have spoken to.